Friday, December 15, 2017

Bless the good days

at the park
Still waiting anxiously and fearfully at the same time until that first Oncology appointment. Next Tuesday! Until then I will catch up quickly on week 2 and move on to a very good day.

December 4-10, 2017

Another blur of a week, another MRI, more "things" eating my bones found in the results. Funny, I now log on to my medical app on my phone or computer every morning and await results to be added to my medical record. I continue to learn new terms and keep it all in stride.
Also a neg on my pap, finally a negative result! woohoooo! I thought the darned thing was everywhere. 
And then another phone call from my main doc's office completely contradicting the phone call I received last week with "orders" for more tests. Sweet. I spend the morning on the phone with very helpful phone clerks and nurses. Still frustrating, I'm trying to schedule everything as soon as I can and all my "orders" say EXPEDITED, which is a bit unnerving.

Made it through unscathed, I have an appointment with "my" Oncologist scheduled and a biopsy of a suspicious dot on my left breast (I'm guessing from over-squashing the poor thing). Just take the darned thing, quick way to lose 3 lbs. Which reminds me, I am for the first time of my life attempting  to maintain if not gain a little weight to give myself a cushion for things to come. Wow, it is true, "there's no ill wind that bloweth no man good." Maintain weight! YUMMMY

Friday December 15 2017

right in my front yard, good morning!
Yesterday, as I hinted, a very good day. Felt good, took an extra long walk in the park with the pibble and enjoyed this absolutely glorious sunny winter weather of the Southwest US. Occurs to me that I am noticing more beauty in my park. No longer do I look to the ground and pick up other people's trash. Now I'm looking up at the sun, laughing at my Alegria's antics and counting bunnies, birds, hare and quail as I enjoy the quiet of my nature refuge. 
and the roses just keep on giving

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