Thursday, January 18, 2018

A mountain of paper and a boatload of cash

Can I PLEASE! go paperless?

Oh the hidden joys of medical care...
I am not a hard-core environmentalist but over the years I have managed to curb down the incoming mountains of mail to a minimum. We have one (1) file cabinet at home and almost everything regarding statements and bills is now automatically paid and kept electronically in the deep gullet of my computer. So imagine my pure horror when I begin getting two, three, sometimes five statements in the mail on a daily basis! Add to that medical instructions, receipts, printed (printed!) appointment schedules...
I am buried in paper.
On another note, I wonder where my little piece of liver went?
So much for a clean desk!
I had to create some actual physical file folders
before going paperless.
Must be over 30 statements in there!
No no no noooooooooo! So I spent the last few weeks creating online accounts with my insurance carrier, the insurance management company, primary medical facility, pharmacy, oncology center, laboratory, diagnostics place and I believe that covers it. And in each instance, the first thing I did was look for that magic "paperless statements" button. I had to make some phone calls but I think I'm paper free again.
Looking at all those files, I can't believe it has only been seven weeks since that fateful day when I got the first X-ray that triggered this whole surreal adventure.
I am adding a calendar of events to the right column just for grins and giggles.

Say again, how much was that tube-thinguie test?

Yeah, and of course the innocent flurry of statements is quickly followed by a galloping herd of bills. Paper bills, sigh! More online accounts, set up everyone for electronic pay, found the "paperless bills" button, more phone calls. Who knew being sick would be this much fun?! I'm my own secretary now, I even answer the phone:
"Maria's secretary, can you hold?" "Yes one moment I will see if she's available..."
In addition to the sheer shock of the cancer thing, I guess I have to add a slight "discomfort" when looking at all these statements. Blessings for the insurance, good insurance that we have.

Here is a sampler of how much
all those tests cost.
Multiply by as many pieces of paper
you see in the first picture and...ouch!
And the reason I'm not even more shocked at how much everything costs is that I found out a few years back when my Papi had a stroke. I took care of all his bills and such things for twelve years. I often wondered what on earth they gave him at the hospital intensive care unit on his last few days that could have cost $87,000. The neurologist that came into his hospital room for three minutes to tap him in the head and say: "he's not going to die from this!" charged $4600...and my Papi died two days later.

Ah well, I should have gone into medicine I guess.

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