Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Down and back up! I needed that!


One day, totally resigned to my new mortality, I start deciding who will get my "good" printmaking press; the next day I start carving in my studio and give it a hug and tell it I'll be cranking the wheel for a long time. That's how it goes.

this has nothing to do with this post
but this is "the" dog in the rattlesnake story
my beloved faithful mutt Cisco,
who lived a very long and happy life
Oh and that's a sailboat I built once upon a youth

The more I learn, the more I learn. Today a visit with the surgeon confirmed it is Stage IV but also good news about my brain scan and possible therapies.
In a nutshell...She doesn't want to chop me up just yet and told me there's nothing in my brain (I love saying that...hellooooooo...echooooooo...) and that my pesky form of cancer is hormone receptive. I had been waiting on those results which somehow got lost in the digital world and didn't make it to my trusty phone app.
So this means, as far as I understand it, good news. As long as the treatment works, of course, to be discussed with my oncologist this Thursday.

Waiting room "pod"

Ohhhh kaaaaaay! Short update...but while I was waiting I thought maybe I could invent a "waiting room pod." Bear with me. Take one of those double circle windshield sun-shields, add another circle for the back and another for the top. Fold it all up. Walk into the waiting room which invariably has some inane daytime television show going full blast, fluorescent lights overhead, and the general hustle and bustle of a waiting room.
So now I POOF! pop out my "pod" (in its beta testing stage). Like in a tiny tent, I am now surrounded by a (let's say) deep blue barrier of cloth and wire. The big circles sort of lock to each other so I'm covered in the back, sides and top. The top blocks out the annoying fluorescents, the sides block out...er, the sides, and the back just serves to envelop me.
Yeah, kind of like that!
except has to fit on a waiting room chair
and no need for flooring

From the front of the top, I pull down a tiny curtain to block the light and am able to pull out my Kindle and read calmly. Come to think of it, a pair of ear-plugs could be in a tiny pocket, maybe an ipod pocket?, perhaps some essential oils (eucalyptus, my fav) for my very own aromatherapy pod. I could even add a printed sign on the outside that says: "Maria inside, please tap on shoulder to summons."

I better stop, someone can steal my design! Never mind, I didn't publish this...shhhhhhhh. Hey, you know it would work on airplanes, subways...

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