Wednesday, January 31, 2018

First "cycle," not exactly a ride on my Rockhopper

Prescription arrives, don't do what?

Papers, papers, papers, read, shred...
So these days I am entertained by the strangest things, for example reading everything that comes in the mail along with my new oral-chemo-drug. With much pomp and circumstance, I received exactly 4 phone calls from the mail-pharmacy regarding shipping, revised shipping, side effects and instructions.
All that paper there on that picture came along with my supply of poison for the next "cycle." These Don Quijote pills (Ibrance/palbociclib) come armed to the teeth, one of the most intriguing cautionary statements: "do not open capsule, if contents spill on the skin they may cause severe burns."
Ooookaaay, but go ahead and pop one of these inside your stomach on a daily basis, THAT will be just fine.

Undeterred by the dire warnings, I am through my first 21-day cycle of popping these beauties, along with the prescribed Sancho Panza chaser (Femara/letrozole). Yummy!
Now I am told to lay off the big one and just take the little one for the next week; then the cycle repeats.

So how goes it?

Still kicking! Actually that pic taken
last summer at a festival
Well, speaking of "cycle" I happen to be unable at the moment to "bi-cycle" due to some of the less heralded and most annoying side effects (figure it out). But whatever. I mean why couldn't constipation and the accompanying "localized soreness" be a side-effect of driving drunk? Those people deserve it, not cancer patients. But I can take it. And mind you I'm not talking about riding on my beloved Specialized Rockhopper mountain bike, which has been sidelined due to the risk of bone fractures. I am merely talking about riding indoors on my very safe indoor spinner cycle while I watch episodes of my favorite shows, to wit: Dual Survival, River Monsters, Too Cute! and anything else on the Animal Planet Channel or almost anything on the Discovery and National Geographic channels. Such is my life.

But oh hey! I CAN walk and we are now enjoying a very unusual and magnificent spell of mid 70 degree sunny as can be weather. The blissful nearby park is my daily medicine.

Aside from overwhelming physical weakness and lack of ambition, or as we say in Spanish "sin ganas," I can say so far so good. No major side effects have befallen upon me and there are some seriously scary ones listed on the 15-page pamphlet that comes with my meds. For that, I am most thankful and looking forward to a week off the killer med. This week "off" should allegedly allow my white  blood cells and red blood cells to recover; and they are loooow right now, well below the low threshold of the "normal" range.
Normal, what a concept...

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