Monday, January 1, 2018

It is 2018! Happy New Year everyone

Step by step, day by day

I say that every morning now, "step by step, day by day," waking up with a new sense of purpose. Changing my life to accommodate new developments on a daily basis, tweaking this and that. This week I'm going back to the studio to finish my first new year print. I am first and foremost, an artist.

Tomorrow the coveted PET scan, the truth-sayer, the ultimate reality. I love the truth and despise sugar-coating and carefully crafted speeches. Raw truth. I want it. Eventually all the idealism and dreaming and wishing and praying comes to a halt when faced with the truth. In everything. Love the truth.


I have been totally overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, in social media and real life from an amazing number of my family and friends. Overwhelmed and humbled. I have in mind a new artwork entitled:
"I thought I was alone.
I fell so hard,
then I looked up,
and saw all of you"
Well okay, kind of long for a title but sometimes I use tiny poems as titles.
So thank you family, friends, whether we have met or not, talked or not in "real life," your messages of support, encouragement are all being engraved in my fighting brain. And those of you who continue to share your own fights and your own victories and those of people close to have no idea how much that feeds the lioness in me.

Thank you, I feel your love and thoughts and prayers from across the lands and oceans. Thank you.
2018...I am so ready for battle!

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