Tuesday, February 27, 2018

It's all perfectly clear now!

Dreaded end of "cycle"

Since cancer killing chemo drugs have a tendency to also affect other much needed Maria-cells, they are taken in cycles so that the body will have time to recover. My particularly delicious cocktail is prescribed with the killer pill 3-weeks on, 1-week off. The other pill I take...forever, I think. I am now two poison pills away from my much needed rest week.
Here I am wearing four layers inside the house
and wrapped up in my new safety blankie
The dog is on my lap but she wants to lick the phone
every time I get her in the pic
This is the first day I couldn't drag myself outside for my daily walk, just as well since it's cold outside. I am cold all the time to the point that I wear my knit hat and gloves in the house, my legs are weak and (fortunately) I am eternally hungry for protein, specifically. And so at the very end of the cycle, the effects of the "big one" tend to get more and more interesting. For example, for the last two days I have been waking up as if I had spent the entire night drinking and only collapsed in a heap on the living room sofa at sunrise...not that I have EVER done that in the past. Problem is, I don't remember disco dancing all night like I used to!
No, no, this just feels like the hangover without memories of the boogie oogie oogie...

Nothin' to do but sit

So I've been doing our taxes, why not! I have always said if you already feel dreadful might as well do something boring and, well, dreadful. A bit of trouble concentrating through my tearing eyes and semi-congested brain state, but I think I see the light at the end of the dividends and 1099s and profit/loss statements. No EZ-form for this household.

And I have been reading and learning about all kinds of exciting things, Zen principles, meditation techniques, Sudoku strategies, Windows 10, my new Microsoft Office programs ("apps" they call them, hmmpf), Rubik's Cube solving schemes, Photoshop Elements since I can no longer afford the "real" Photoshop subscription from Adobe, aaaaand! cancer, of course.
Some of the disease readings are popular books, some from my medical care-takers, some are medical journal articles which I read very slowly and have to stop and look up many of the terms. I particularly found this diagram on targeted hormone therapy enlightening and most interesting...ha ha, no, really, well, visually interesting anyway. But I got a big kick out of it so I'm sharing, and no, I don't understand a damned thing in it but it would make a great woodcut print. I guess I would add some swirls and stuff to match my style.
All perfectly clear! So THAT's what happens...

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