Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Toys in the mail I just LOVE do-it-yourself!

Just like Christmas

Well, spent about a week and a half unglitching an insurance glitch. I think I talked about this before but it turns out that my marrow boosting substance can ONLY be shipped direct to the consumer. Aaaand it costs $850 bucks "co-pay," the real cost is over $4 big ones, as in thousands. Let's see, add that to my two poison pills and I am now consuming about $16K PER MONTH of a variety of mysterious stuff.
This new one is an injection, mind you, but you know me, always open to learning new skills. I like DYI and all, but sheesh, next thing I may have to drive myself through the PET scanner. No big deal, by the way, millions of diabetes patients inject themselves daily. My own dear mother just had to inject herself twice daily to dissolve a blood clot.
But it is MY first time so I thought I would document the entertainment.

So I get this foam cooler via NextDayAir and immediately think it is a yummy batch of chorizos or perhaps some blissful jamon serrano from my favorite Spanish store, but no, no, it's... well look at all I got!
No chorizo, just a bunch of plastic toys

Just look at all the toys!
Inside that tiny orange box there are 4 tiny
dosages. Each sealed bag contains a bunch of sealed fun stuff,
apparently worth a total of $4K.
The big red container is to dispose of my "sharps"

19 pages of instructions and deadly side-effects

Ah yes, each of those items has a very specific purpose as outlined in the mega-novel that came neatly folded into a 3 x 1 inch booklet. Seriously...I ended up downloading the manufacturer's instructions so I could actually make out the writing, even watched a YouTube video.
I skipped the warnings and cautions because that stuff will make your eyes cross, your head spin and your heart go pitter-patter and I didn't want to be shaking when I actually poked myself with the syringe. I'll Google it later.
All the scary stuff you do NOT want to read,
just repeat: "my Doc knows best, my Doc knows best..."

Tiny instructions with pictures

Big part of the fun was folding it back up!

Easy peasy

Each of the four bags of goodies contains two syringes, a "big" 3 ml one and a little 1 ml one, three needles with a safety contraption that has to be assembled to the syringe, two band-aids (maybe that is what drives up the cost?), two alcohol pads, and more tiny instructions. What? it says I need a cotton ball that was NOT provided? I'm suing...

None of the procedure was dramatic at all, I was a bit disappointed. I had much more fun trying to figure out how to use a cement mixer. And once I caught my thumb in the car door and within an hour or two it had swelled up so much that I took a very thin drill bit and manually drilled through my finger nail. When the bit broke through the blood shot out about 5-6 yards! Now that was fun!

By comparison, this was really boring, just assemble and load up the syringe, pinch the skin, poke the needle through and push the plunger. Hey, did you know that once the needle pops through the first layer of skin it goes in without a fight? Thank goodness for belly fat, and don't worry, no pictures of THAT!
Hopefully my anemic self will perk right up.
My new tiny 1 ml buddy,
I need a name...hmmm...

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