Monday, May 7, 2018

I'm really new at this cancer thing

PET/CT Results show...

Progress! I had to read the report two or three times. The first time seemed gloomy, second time I saw the progress, third time I was pleased. I still don't know how fast I'm supposed to be shrinking my tumors and metastases or how fast I'm supposed to be rebuilding my eroded bones.
January 2 2018

May 3 2018
I like to say to nurses and doctors when they ask me questions, "I'm really new at this cancer thing." I guess I'm a bit less "lit up" which is the whole point. The brightness corresponds to metabolic activity, which corresponds to cancer cells "getting busy" and reproducing. I will see the Oncologist in two days and ask if the progress is appropriate.

So the spread has diminished, the activity is a bit less, especially around lymph nodes and the original "mass." Hallelujah! Also the report says nearly all the metabolic activity has been cut in half. Or in doc lingo:
"There continues to be axial and appendicular osseous metastatic disease less intensely hypermetabolic overall when compared to the prior evaluation consistent with positive response to therapy."

I'm focusing on the "positive response to therapy" part!


This morning I had an insight that I am getting stronger. Few times these past days I had gotten discouraged off and on, and I just have to keep thinking about that word and what it means: "strong." Strength of body is important to me and I am regaining quite a bit of physical might.
But the main thing is to be mentally and emotionally strong. I refuse to be a burden to anyone, mostly, even to myself.
Strong, stay strong...strong.

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