Saturday, May 12, 2018

Solving the puzzle


On some of those "fatigue" days when no energy is to be found, even for a fighter like me, I let the body rest and try to keep the mind from falling apart.
Enter: Sudoku!
Sudoku puzzles are very engaging, easy to learn and have escalating levels of difficulty. There is a unique solution to each puzzle and all the pieces (numbers) fit together in just ONE way and are all interdependent on three dimensions: rows, columns and boxes. I'll get back to them in a sec.
Note I'm up to the Super Grand Master section!

Oncology visit

So my oncologist was cautious to say anything extremely positive about both the results of my PET/CT scan and the latest blood work. Here I've been trying like the devil to raise my hemoglobin and he points out my white blood cell (WBC) count is too low. Well, heck, man! shouldda said something earlier...
Also apparently he didn't experience the thrill that I experienced upon looking at my improved PET scan. Well humph...I liked it...
Seriously, apparently I'm progressing "in the right direction" (how bland is that for enthusiasm) but  I'm in grave danger of catching some bug that will put me in the hospital, as I am currently unable to fight infection with much might. Sigh, double sigh.

The trick is to get the right amount of cancer fighting poison in the body without killing the patient, let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. As I have learned, every patient is different and the balance is very delicate. The end result is that the oncologist lowered my dosage of Don Quijote pills (as in the legend, Sancho Panza is largely harmless and a good companion, so no change there).

I had not experienced harsh side effects from the higher dose and I liked my progress on the scan, but the boss says what the boss says and I'm a good soldier. Apparently WBCs are very important, he's sort of a blood-guy so he knows his stuff.

Back to the Sudoku puzzles, there is really only ONE solution and there's no use going forward once a conflict is found because only the right number in the right place will solve the puzzle. Every number is dependent on every other number.
Back to the blood problem, there is ONE delicate balance that will work in my case and only the right dosage will solve my pesky cancer problem.

I suppose with the lower dose I'm looking forward to my rash going away!? Still blood letting weekly, sigh...

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