Monday, June 4, 2018

Going for the long haul

They tell me it's a long race

So yeah, I've never been a sprinter anyway, ridiculous when the warm-up is longer than the race...just kidding just kidding...
My last hike, if you look real close
you can see a deer's butt (how poetic, huh?)
But seriously, good news to report as my hemoglobin is roaring into the "normal" range even for non-cancer people so that's one checked off and I don't have to inject myself with poison number 3.
Poison number 1 (the chemo nucleus killing stuff) proved to be a bit challenging for my white blood cell count so the dose is now lowered. Result is more energy even for me! Hopefully my sneaky cancer cells don't feel as good as I do.
Poison number 2 is a life-long commitment and I hardly have hot flashes anymore (that's the estrogen blocking thing), although with the temp outside starting to reach into the 105 F, it's going to be a long hot summer.
Oncologist visit this Friday, let's see what my annoying tumor markers have to report. As you can see, spirits are there!

Nature and Art

I was meditating upon the nothingness of empty space, okay maybe I was just vegging on the sofa for a bit, when the thought occurred to me that those are the two things I really enjoy and could do for the rest of my life regardless of how long that may be. Nature and art. I'm enjoying everything about life much more now, funny that...
Bee good, bee busy, bee happy!

Flowery meadow behind the cabin
you know what they say:
"the grass is always greener
over the septic tank" :-)

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