Friday, July 13, 2018

I'm getting another PET!

Oh how I love pets...



Wait, no, not those pets, this PET!

I am scheduled for a follow up PET/CT scan on Monday, yeah, that was quick! Let me back up to events preceding. Went to see my Oncologist this week and we had a nice chat about my tumor bio-markers being a bit wacky, in his words "schizophrenic." Turns out one of them (CEA) is now "normal" and by that I mean normal for a normal person not for a cancer person and that is fantastic news. But another one (CA 27-29) is slowly rising again after being down and has really always been elevated. I dunno, I'm thinking manic-depressive more than schizophrenic, but he's the doc. 
Here is a pic (hint: green=good, red=not so):

Not normal...
Soooo...yeah, no, Oncologist is not worried, not "too" worried, could be several explanations, some cancer patients have levels in the thousands that drop mysteriously after a while, test not considered very reliable as a standalone marker, bio-markers lag behind actual cancer presence or absence...BUT JUST TO BE SURE let's do another scan.
Okay, I'm game for PET/CT scans, they tell the truth. Good or bad, the truth is the best thing.

Nervous? me? naaaah (she says while she nods head up and down). There's no hiding from the PET/CT scan, no amount of oatmeal and green smoothies between now and Monday will make that pesky monster not show up. If it has receded more since last scan, then we're in good shape to ignore the bio-marker for a while. If "it" has grown or spread...well, I'm not thinking along those lines but, you know, could happen, the bastard is sneaky that way. So yeah, I'm nervous.

Meantime, I'm off the poison chemo-pill for another week until we see what's up. I predicted that since my WBC count is still down and I had a tiny fever twice last month. Hopefully my superhuman blood-making stuffs kick into high gear and get me back up to where I can restart the regimen (Ibrance/Letrozole, or in my case Don Quijote/Sancho Panza). 

My Zen books tell me if I'm going to make up stories about the future, make up nice ones. So that's what I'm doing and looking forward to those images with my live-in "beast" looking a bit smaller and a bit more beatable on this coming scan. Hey, stay tuned, images coming next week!

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