Friday, August 10, 2018

Wait, WHAT?!

Insurance notes

And oh let me just start by saying that I LOVE my insurance and all that it pays for and how quick and wonderful they are and am totally amazed that I am still under their tender loving care. Having said that, July will be heretofore known as SHOCK MONTH!!!

So if you know how insurance works, and I barely do, there is a mysterious and rather humongous "deductible" that I never really worried about prior to my rattlesnake bite (cancer, please see first post and name of blog and...where was I?...) Ooooh yeah, insurance reset month, aka SHOCK MONTH is upon us, that month when the deductible, the family deductible, and the out of pocket expenses amounts all reset to zero and you have to start spending in order to save later. Never in my life did I think I would get near those huge deductibles and out of pocket expenses. Well...butter me up and call me a biscuit! Here we are...
One of my favorite artists, Edvard Munch "The Scream"

If you recall, I got a PET scan last month, that puppy's so-called "co-pay" was $950... co-pay...wonder what the test actually costs. But never mind that! That was actually easy and painless.

Fast forward to August, month after SHOCK MONTH, heretofore known as WAIT, WHAT??-MONTH. Yeah, my very first month of palbociclib, the horrible/wonderful drug that is slowly but surely strangling the deadly rattlesnake, without the deductible. I think I mentioned before that this marvel substance costs $11,585 per month or roughly $566.61 per pill. YOOOAUOUCH!

So now it is WAIT-WHAT?? MONTH and I just ordered my next dosage at the tune of $2385 co-pay. CO-FRIGGIN'-PAY!!! Wait, what? There goes that vacation in the Florida Keys...sigh. I went to the drug-ordering website and sat helplessly staring at my "shopping cart," then I went away, then I came back, then I cried a little, then the shopping cart crashed. I ended up talking to a very nice lady who kindly completed my order. Even she cried a little.

I think I'll sell that stupid cat that ate one of my pills last week, she won't get a job. Too bad, she could probably keep an entire household free of crickets, roaches and scorpions. Anyone? ANYONE???
Another favorite, Vincent VanGogh and everything he does

Well, good news is my deductible is met in one "convenient" payment of $2385 plus the $950 for last month's PET.

All in jest, really, very grateful for health insurance. Just thought I would point out some of the unexpected expenses of owning and operating a live rattlesnake inside your bones.

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  1. Oh so glad to hear that economic woes will not deter your spirit or angst about your getting physically stronger. It is good to feel potent and not threatened. I call it a DRAGON instead of a rattlesnake because dragons are dormant and when disturbed they turn on their fire. They may be as long, short, big or small but they are furious. They have claws and horny backs that can reach into the smallest corners of your body. They are mysterious and sometimes our imagination and will power can overcome their power to control us. Let's keep moving forward....CHARGE!!!!


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