Friday, December 28, 2018

Day One of MY New Year

New Superhero?!

It's Captain AFINITOR!  My new chemo-not-really-chemo but comes-in-a-chemo-bag pill. With my cancer taking a plateau and threatening to go back to the dreaded "progressive" mode, my Onco decided to change course. I am now attacking the evil M-TOR, another cell proliferation and growth pathway just to battle the beast in a new and improved way. Yeah I didn't understand a word of that either.
Along with the Afinitor (generic: everolimus) daily pill, I am now receiving my new estrogen blocker Faslodex (generic: fulvestrant) as a monthly shot on the "hip." Now I know that the nice nurse wants to be proper and all, but it's the butt, trust me, I have a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology and one my fortes was an uncanny accurate knowledge of anatomy. The double shot is definitely on the butt, one on each cheek, once a month.

So far so good

I just literally took my very first Afinitor pill, no side effects yet! LOL Here is a picture of the complete sheet of instructions, cautions, dosage recommendations, chemistry, studies (with some cool graphs), more cautions, horrible and mild side effects with percentage of probability, drug interactions, foods not to eat, resources for dealing with all that and oh, so much, so much more... Looks like nearly for sure I will be getting some mouth sores so I am going to ztart p'actithing zpeeking wit a zlightly thoft tongue. And rinsing with saline water, and brushing with Sensodyne, and drinking smoothies.
Makes for awesome reading, honestly, let me know if you want to borrow it to cozy up by the fire with the 2x4 foot sheet of tiny print. And the most amazing thing!: it folds to a mere 1x2 inch thick-ish bundle. Wow.
So anyhow, I am on the way to a new and exciting adventure. To quote Van Halen, "might as well JUMP!" that next rattlesnake and keep going up the trail.

Speaking of hiking

Awesome hike with family this last weekend, nearly empty desert, cool and sunny and all the desert plants just loving the winter. Saw some wild burros, jumped over a stream, climbed some sandstone, followed a neat narrow trail up Sandstone Canyon and took major gulps of the freshest cleanest air in this beautiful land. I leave you with this desert awesomeness:
Looking up Sandstone Canyon, Spring Mountains, Nevada

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Looks like a change in course is in order...

Rugged Trails

When hiking, as in life, sometimes you have to change course. I personally like steep and rugged trails but only because they are less crowded and I enjoy nature in silence and peace.
My very recent PET scan showed some areas diminished and some new "nodes" as we call them. This means that the cancer that has spread is now full of life and spreading on its own. How very rude of it. I guess I'm about to embark in a slightly tougher trail.
Me, doing my best impression
of a cancer patient...waiting for
my PET scan and sipping
on Mocha flavored Barium, yum
Since my tumor markers had been creeping up slowly, we (my Onco and I) sort of knew this may happen so we already talked a little about either changing magic pills or going straight to chemo. I guess I will know in about five more days after I see him. Is the suspense killing you? It's sort of taking a toll on me too. But we have options and that's what's important. Can't wait!
I got a PET scan for my birthday, maybe I'll get a new magic pill for Christmas, what else does a girl want?!

The images aren't really clear this time, they don't look any different to the untrained eye than the last PET in July, and the interpretation even less clear with a conclusion "mixed impression" which means nothing to me. So I must wait for the wisdom of the Oncologist. All organs still clear, apparently my particular cancer likes to munch on bones. Stay tuned.
New "nodes" appeared in
my spine, hip and femurs
PET 12-2018

Fun and Art

Meantime, I made Christmas cards out of some of my artwork. That was fun! Ever had a fight with a printer and won? either. They are s'posed to print all sizes and cardstock and etc...but they just don't. They say they have paper jams and they don't, they claim the paper tray is empty and it isn't...I can't think of a more irritating piece of equipment in my humble home office. Sigh.

Here is an image, cool huh?:
Nature's Peace
And since my PET disagreed with my own feeling like a million bucks, I decided to purchase and spread 10 tons of rock in front of the house with my ailing hips and femurs. Shoulders too. I'm a little tired but no ill effects thus far and my house looks great with new rock in front!

So what's up with the rattlesnake?

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