Monday, April 1, 2019

I knew I loved PETs for a reason! The "tube" speaks...

  Battle is now 16 months old 

Me (left) and my oncologist (right) battling the snake
Yeah, bet you didn't know the snake had nine heads! Me either. But the latest PET has spoken and, what the heck, I'll just post it right here, check it out and dance with me! I will highlight the danceable parts and annotate in parenthesis:

Metastatic breast cancer. 
On today's PET scan do not see any convincing metabolic tumor above or below the diaphragm.
No metabolic tumor seen in either breast or axilla. (the original nest of the rattlesnake)
Mediastinal small adenopathy (lymph nodes in my mid-section) stable CT appearance, in the transverse axis nothing measures more than 6 or 7 mm. No associated significant FDG uptake, maximum SUV values 2.5 or less. May be sterile (kaput, no mas, writhing in its last throes...) but would advise continued imaging surveillance.
On localizing CT do not see any suspicious lung nodules.
Below the diaphragm do not see any metabolic hepatic or adrenal metastasis.
The previously described metabolic bone metastasis in L4 and T8 are much less obvious, FDG uptake similar to other bones. On CT perhaps slightly more sclerotic.
Pelvic metastasis less obvious, no significant FDG uptake. On CT there are some small lucencies (that sounds pretty, doesn't it? Sounds like the name for a chihuahua, "lucencies" are lighter areas in the bone, probably where the snake chewed my bones away).
Proximal femur metastasis also much improved, maximum SUV value 3.3 (down from 10).
Do not see any definite new disease. (translation: the snake is sleeping, shhhhhh...)

Continued interval improvement, mediastinal disease/adenopathy barely perceptible, may be sterile.
Bone metastasis significantly improved, most show FDG uptake similar to adjacent normal bone.

Would however advise continued imaging surveillance.
Here are some comparison images from December 3 2018  to March 27 2019, remember "shiny yellow spots" are a sign of the cancer munching on the glucose they just injected me with = BAD (except for the brain and bladder, always working).

December 3 2018

March 27 2019


Cautiously, eagerly awaiting interpretation from my oncologist two loooooooooooooooong weeks from now, I say: yaaaaaaaaaaahooooooooo!!!!

Here is another great book I just read:

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