Monday, October 7, 2019

No news, all remains well, snake hibernating

Splitting wood

What would I do if a horrible disease let me go? Most people I imagine would want to travel to Europe or take a cruise, perhaps take on a "challenge" like visit every state or...
Well, when this thing took my strength away, all I wanted to do was be able to split wood again. Yep, I'm a bit strange. See, I was never tall or beautiful or rich or particularly intelligent. But I had health, boundless energy and the strength of three Marias. Always.
Sometimes you find a gem among all that wood
So for the past two years of this (as they call it) "battle" I have stubbornly endeavored to regain my strength. Having invaded nearly every bone in my body, but especially my core bones, ribs and spine, the beast took away my muscles' ability to do work. I mean real work, like digging and splitting wood. And that pissed me off. So for two years I walked, hiked, hit the rowing machine and sometimes even the weights. I trimmed the yard, picked up leaves, anything that I could do that would rebuild my strength. I am healed now, I am strong again.
Hydraulic wood splitter, very boring

Splitting wood particularly is incredibly satisfying. To those of you who have NOT read Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn adventures, I invite up to the cabin to try it out and see how much fun and how satisfying it is (heh heh). But no! I really like splitting wood. These past two years I resigned myself to buying a hydraulic wood splitter and clenched my jaw as I placed a log on it and worked the arms back and forth of the thing. Very boring.
Compare that, if you will, to carefully placing a well dried 15" log on end and atop another very flat and strong log cutout. Once balanced on its end, I pick up the "real" wood splitter, all 9 lbs of it, take aim, step back, swing the thing above my head and let it come down right down the middle of the log with a big THWACK! If all goes well, the log splits cleanly sending both halves flying.
Repeat, pick up the wood, fill the wood wagon, aaaahhh...
I don't know why I like it so much, but I'm playing mountain cabin again these days and enjoying my old strength. The cruise and trip to Europe can wait.

Now we're talking

2016 I found out how good I am at splitting wood

No news, snake sleeps

Just saw the P.A. today and we talked about hiking and little else. All is well, blood work looks great for someone on cell-killing meds, no symptoms of the snake, no pain, no weakness, no lumps not even a tiny ache afflicts my bones these days. I feel good. The oncologist says I'm stable, nobody says "remission" anymore and I know the snake is still in there, maybe waiting for weakness of body and mind. Tumor markers in my blood steadily declining. Not a chance I will give this beast to attack me again and take away my strength, not ever.
It's fall! Oh the colors...

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