Monday, February 3, 2020

Another great PET! All is well

Keeping the faith

Always a nervous time before the scans and this time was no different. I wonder when that changes. Honestly I don't think about having cancer all that often...only every day. But seriously, I forget sometimes, when I feel good, when I have the energy and will to do the things I used to do, when I think of another festival to sign up for or another art project to undertake. 
Then a pang of pain, an overly tired day...then I think of it. Never  mind that the pain may be from splitting wood (a bad habit I have) or the tired day arrives after a day of trimming trees or working in the studio. Never mind, it's the cancer, I know it's back...or is it? Silly me! 

Keeping the faith is the toughest part but giving up is not an option, never will be. I remember I said that to myself once. 
Chin up, all smiles!

The scan

The scan the scan the scan showed a stable state, totally unchanged from last six months; if anything, a tiny bit shrunken and weaker than last time. The snake is small now, not quite so scary. I am blessed with too much energy and too many projects in mind. No more Christmas tree lights in my spine, nothing in the original site, nothing but a couple of tiny nodes. Bones recovering, rebuilding slowly, my entire body fighting. I get the "fight" thing now. 

Happy days these days, onco says no visits for three months, no side effects to speak of, nothing to report. Let's keep it that way.
Absolutely stunning Grand Canyon views in subzero weather
and snow...but we still hiked and admired views like
I had never seen them before!

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  1. You are amazing. Your ability to overcome is astounding. Printmaker Possessed. Sending Love and Great Wishes.


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