Calendar of events, most recent events first

Celebrating a year as a "rattlesnake host!" (a cancer survivor, I mean)

March 27

Finally! solid improvement

March 11
Tumor markers up a tad

February 21
 Visit Primary Doc

 Cholesterol up
 KETO Day 1

February 20
Faslodex shot
February 19 Oncologist
Cholesterol up, all else well
February 11 Labs
Blood work great
Tumor markers down/steady
January 21, 22 Oncologist
Tumor markers down
Faslodex shot
2019! Celebrating the New Year

December 28
Afinitor 10mg  Day 1
December 20
First Faslodex shot
December 17 Oncologist
Changing treatment
Afinitor and Faslodex

December 10 labwork
wbc's holding, tumor markers up
December 3 PET/CT
new nodes appear
other nodes diminish

November 6, 13, 19
Labs WBCs steady
Oncologist appt
Cycle 11 @ 75mg

October 22
Labs WBCs recovered
Reduce Ibrance to 75mg
October 15
Oncologist WBCs down
Delay Cycle 10
October 1, 8, 15
Lab blood draws

September 17 Oncologist
Steady she goes...
Cycle 9 Ibrance 100mg/Letrozole
Weekly bloodletting (labs)

August 20 Oncologist
Stable, bio-markers steady
Cycle 8 Ibrance 100mg/Letrozole

July 30, August 6,13,20
Lab blood draws
July 23 Oncologist (so soon?!)
Cancer nodes are
stable, carry on...
Cycle 7 Ibrance 100mg
July 16 PET/CT
July 11 Oncologist
Bio-markers up/down
Cycle 7 Postponed
July 2 Breast Surgeon visit
No surgery for now

June 15, 22, 29 Labs
WBCs down
June 8 Labs and Oncologist
Blood counts steady
Cycle 6 Ibrance up to 100mg

May 16, 23, 30 Labs
Hemes great, WBCs looking up
May 9 Oncologist
Labs: WBCs are low
Cycle 5 Ibrance to 75mg
May 3 PET/CT follow up
Progress, treatment working
May 1 Done with Cycle 4

April 18 and 25 Labs
No anemia
April 11 Labs (hemes way up!)
Treatment chair for bones
Scheduled PET/CT
April 3 Labs TBA
Done with Cycle 3

Mar 27 Labs (hemoglobin up)
Procrit 5
Mar 20 Lab blood test
Procrit 4
Mar 13 Oncologist
Still anemic
Procrit 3
Mar 1 Lab blood test
Procrit 2

Feb 22 Lab blood test
Feb 21 Procrit 1
Feb 15 Lab blood test
Blood counts low
Feb 8 Lab blood test
Tumor markers down!
Feb 1 Lab blood test

Jan 25 Lab blood test
Jan 22 Medication approved
by insurance co
Jan 18 Lab blood test
Jan 16 Liver biopsy
Jan 12 Blood test
Jan 11 Oncologist
Start therapy
Ibrance 125/Letrozole
Lab blood test
Jan 9 Breast surgeon
Jan 5 Bone dexa scan
Brain CT scan
Jan 2 PET/CT whole body


Dec 22 Oncologist
Dec 20 Breast/lymph node
Dec 19 Oncologist
Dec 13 CT scan
Dec 11 Breast ultrasound
Dec 6 OBGYN pap
Dec 5 MRI lumbar spine
Dec 2 MRI thoraxic spine
MRI chest

Nov 30 Mammogram
Nov 29 My birthday
Nov 28 Lab blood work
Nov 27 First doc appt
chest X-ray
chest CT


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